Home | 20-260620

… what you wish for A year ago exactly, we spent the week on a road trip in Virginia, West … More

Vitality | 13-190420

De Beauvoir Town and Partner Yoga Easter Monday morning run on the Heath. Writing my journal while hours fly by … More

De Gæ Nok | 06-120420

🌱🌸☀️Gloriously bright, fragrant, sunny spring weather ALL week☀️🌸🌱 Sailboat I call my brother on my Monday morning run, and sing … More

Lockdown Life | 23-290320

GLORIOUS SUNSHINE all week Monday Sunrise yoga — my morning exercise routine to the sound of blissful music in pink … More

Corona Reflections | 220320

Epidemic. Pandemic. Lockdown. Social distancing. Self-isolation. Quarantine. #staythefuckhome. #stayhome. Check in with your vulnerable neighbours and relatives. Check in with … More