Peacocks, Diwali & Couch Potatoes | 9-161017

Girls over for Dinner. On Tuesday night, the two Danish girls I met last week come over for dinner, along with two English friends and a French. One of Danes brings delicious homemade focaccia bread; everyone else brings wine. Haha 🙂 It turns out to be a great constellation of people, which I’d also thought it would be; everyone gets along super well, talking and laughing and learning new things. It’s been a while since I last had a dinner party at our house, and as much as I love being home alone with S, it’s quite nice to fill the beautiful space with a lot of other sweet people from time to time as well.

Rehab. On Wednesday I meet my physiotherapist for a R U N. Or, well, really it’s a very light, slow, short and careful jog on one of the lawns by the Marina Bay. After a series of variations over squats, lunges and jumps, she tells me to start jogging – with a straight back and my feet turning in circular movements, kicking my knees up to my chest and kicking my heels back to my butt, to soften my landing and make sure I land under my body rather than in front of it. Everything she says makes so much sense and is interesting to learn, and even if it feels a bit restrictive and may look silly, I can’t help but smile. I am running. Haha. She smiles at my smile as we circle slowly around the lawn. We’ve come so far!! There’s still some way to go but I’m well on track. My cardio has been stable through the whole rehab period, what with all of the walking, cycling and swimming, so I just have to work on my strength, coordination and balance when running. Every second day I go through her program at the gym, and then I supplement with daily barre and or yoga classes as well. Barre keeps me on my toes, as there’s so much to think about in every pose or exercise – it’s not just lifting your toe, but also remembering to square your hips to the ground, zip up your abs to your spine, relax your neck, keep a straight spine and imagine there’s a line of energy running from the tip of your toes to the crown of your head – that you constantly keep working with and challenging your strength, flexibility and endurance, physically and mentally. And then there’s yoga, with less instructions and more zen… S loves Yoga Inc, which we ‘discovered’ last week, and he and I go there frequently together now for some good, long stretches.

Peacocks, Floating Skyline & Meditative Waves. On Wednesday, we’ve known each other for exactly 16 months, and we celebrate that by going to Palawan Beach on Sentosa after work, climbing the tree house on the small island across from the beach to watch the twinkling skyline of tankers, having dinner at FOC Sentosa (wonderful ambiance; the food is so-so) and sitting close together in sand near the edge of the water long after it grows dark to just listen to the waves and.

Diwali. With the Hindi festival signifying the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair coming up next week, on Saturday I put on one of my Indian dresses, given to me by S’s parents when we were in Kerala (see here and here) and we head to Little India for our favourite Indian food, eaten from banana leaves at Kerala restaurant Premaas, even if Kerala doesn’t really celebrate Diwali, and wander through the streets that are extra colourful for the occasion – roofs of glitter hanging from wires above market stalls selling traditional goodies, an abundance of fragrant flower garlands and artfully designed elephant statues. Very entertaining!

General Bliss. Moments in the morning and evening when S and I are smiling and laughing together. On Friday, we both work from home all day. Pop down to Tiann’s for wholesome homemade lunch – veggie bibimbap with almond matcha latte. Pop out for yoga classes late Friday night and early Sunday morning. Eating açaí bowls for breakfast in the little park across from PS under a clear blue sky on Sunday morning. Walk along the river for a late dinner in Robertson Quay on Friday night. Work from home all weekend, with our different passion projects. Cycle to Punch for coffee before Little India. Watch Bladerunner 2049 at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Out for laksa and a spin around Tiong Bahru Park on our rental bikes on Sunday. Watch a Netflix documentary on The Minimalists and eating hummus on the couch on Sunday night. Being still, talking, learning, doing stuff together. I like all components a lot 🙂

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