Weekend in Kerala | 2506-010718

Week: Cycle to and from work in torrential rain and hot shine – and once, on my way home, in an extremely rose-tinted sunset. Work, work, work – productively, diligently, creatively. Barre, barre, barre – so impressed, inspired and stimulated by the constant attention to detail and introduction of new fine-tunings. Only social aspects: brief phone conversations with parents and friends, lovely early mornings and late evenings with Sanoop, quick lunch with my favourite barre teachers.

Weekend in India. Heh, it looks peculiar in writing – and said out loud. But it is doable. The flight time between Singapore and Kochi is 3.5 hours, and overnight flights allow us to make the most of the days. We’re in Kerala to spend time with Sanoop’s loving parents and our hilarious, sweet niece (10) and nephew (8) visiting from Atlanta, Georgia. As we’re both under the weather, it’s extra soothing to be with family. Classic program: houseboat ride in the backwaters (spotting wooden canoes loaded with bananas and various colourful seabirds), a trip to the family’s ancestral farm a few miles outside of town (the passionfruit is now ripe!), shopping in FabIndia (our niece and I get caught in a monsoon shower walking there – fun bonding adventure as we both love walking in the rain but do end up with drenched purchases and quite cold!), sampling delicious local food (the fresh, spicy, relatively light and veg-loaded natural South Indian delicacies), drawing and laughing with the kids, catching up with Amma and Acha (‘mum’ and ‘dad’ in Malayalam). Sleeping in, napping, doing yoga, meditating, staring silently at the river from comfy chairs in the garden…


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