Easy | 17-210918

Sweet Things. Clan Cafe dinner with Sanoop. // Seaside jungle morning walks with sweet girls around Keppel Bay while talking about everything and nothing. // Drizzly evening walks to the Tiong Bahru Plaza for a mango mooncake, with Sanoop, and taking it back home and lighting a candle, as we don’t have lanterns, and reading the sweet legend of Chang E flying to the moon, while enjoying at least the look and a few small bites of the intricately decorated sugary cake between big gulps of counterbalancing bitter herbal tea. It’s my very first, very rich, very sweet, very dense mooncake! // Tucking into a delicious mackerel salad for lunch with a friend at The LoKal on Tuesday. // Meeting a friend to check out an exhibition at Objectifs – stunning photography of the mesmerising, colourful, iconic architecture from Singapore’s early years of independence… // Cycling to work on Thursday, thinking how ultimately grateful and happy I am: my loved ones are healthy and thriving; my life with Sanoop is wonderful; I’m off to Koh Samui for a barre teacher course on Saturday, and the week after that, we’re meeting close friends and my parents in Barcelona and going on a romantic trip to Menorca just the two of us, and the week after that, we’re attending a wedding in Bali, and the week after that, one of my closest friends is visiting from Sydney with her boyfriend, and the month after that, I am moving to London with my love. Ahhh. By now, I’ve reached the CBD and I dismount my bike to grab a coffee from Free the Robot, who, I discover with joy, have just started carrying Minor Figures oat milk, haha! And this is how the best flat white in history becomes icing on the cake that was baking in my mind on my bike ride to work, haha! 🙂

Gratitude. Everything is easy when sharing your life with someone who’s boundlessly calm, patient (well, in some ways;)), positive, optimistic, generous, thoughtful, creative, open-minded, supportive, spontaneous, funny, adventurous, observant, caring, empathetic, unafraid of questioning and letting go of old habits and adopting new healthy-/exciting-seeming ones, curious … and always has a few efficient breathing exercises up their sleeve…


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