Hampstead Heath Home! | 10-171218

Week: Trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible at work. And have four different old London friends over for coffee, lunch or dinner. My team has another Christmas arts and crafts session (Scandinavian name tags, origami ornaments and snow globes in mason jars), and on the Thursday, there’s another grand company Christmas party – the highlights (for me and Sanoop, at least) being the bumper cars and the ’80s dance music.  After work, I try to soak up as much London ambiance with Sanoop – we head to Barbican for a film on Monday (The Old Man and the Gun; hilarious!), and to Battersea Power Station for wine at Vagabond and pizza at Danish Mother. My thoughts on Barre Teacher Training are published on Barre2Barre’s blog, reigniting my thoughts on whether I should try and start teaching here in London or just use all of the gained knowledge and strength to improve my own form, the latter of which was my original intent, but then it could also be fun and enriching to try out teaching small groups, maybe my team at work, or a few friends.

Moving in. At the weekend, we pack our 4 big bags, 4 small bags, 2 yoga mats and various newly accumulated loose items and leave our friends in Richmond to move into our new home. We spend minutes enjoying the view from the windows, meet our kind landlords who live downstairs, have a small meltdown (just me; Sanoop stays cool) when John Lewis’s delivery guys fail to bring us our bed on Saturday as promised, but then pull myself together by repeating to myself how fortunate and privileged we are and how healthy it is to be patient. We book a nice Airbnb in Belsize Park to sleep in until Monday when we finally get the bed. Until then, we can still move all of our stuff into our own home, eat simple M&S meals from our cosy window seat and head out to IKEA for essentials (our furniture will be delivered from Singapore and Denmark in January/February) and a giant white north star to hang in the hallway. We listen to Christmas music, Norah Jones and Ed Sheeran as we putter around. Vacuum, smudge, dust, unpack, organise, visualise …



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