Sydney | 10-160417

Arrival at Bondi Beach. Our studio flat is literally right above the coastal walk, 40 metres south of Bondi Beach. Balcony view of beach and ocean. Fresh air, bright natural light, fresh feeling. Walk down past Iceberg, seeing the iconic infinity pool in real life for the first time; the first touristy thing I’ve been excited about for as long as I can remember. Book a spot at Power Living, pick up lunch from Calipress, with Allpress coffee, back to work from home, soundboard: waves. Dinner: Ricepot, so amazing Thai – authentic recipes and fresh Aussie ingredients. Walk back along the beach. Work till late, side by side in the sofa, with doors balcony open, the view of the beach, the sound… keep doors open throughout night… it doesn’t get too cold.

Morning Glory. First morning: wake up at 6, sunlight streaming in, soft wave sounds, run to Bronte along the beautiful coastal path, so many other fit runners, but not too crowded, cute dogs too, beautiful beaches, natural pool in the rocks, a few laps, running back, picking up bread from Sonoma, and vegemite from a corner kiosk, Allpress coffees, eat and drink on balcony together. Second morning: wake up at 6am, coastal run, to the cemetery and back, walking together down to Iceberg, rejuvenating stretchy laps in the pool, with giant swell washing in over us, then some sauna time, coffee at their great tiny cafe, sipping cappuccino (S) and double espresso (me) as we watch the surf… ah. Happiness. Walk over to Lox Stock and Barrel for a scrumpy brekkie bowl and more coffee. Take Allpress to go back – sun is out – coastal walk, the beach is so beautiful… everyone walks around in yoga pants, but some actually put them to use as well… right on the beach. This is so beautiful! Come back, coffee and book on balcony before work. Still just 9:30am…. this early lifestyle is just so me. Third morning: both wake up at 6 as usual, sun salutations, walk along coast to Bronte, watch waves mesmerized for a while, then coffee and smoothie from cute little cafe with palm tree wallpaper. S is off to the office; I’m working from home again,with a lunch break of sitting on the beach in the sunshine with my book, Allpress coffee and a spicy tuna sandwich from Cali Press, after a quick dip in the clean, refreshing waves 🙂

Sydney Office. Spacious, airy, with lots of light coming in, great interior design, lots of greenery, panorama view of skyline, located in trendy Redfern. Don’t take time to explore the area, though – next time!

Surry Hills. Late afternoon stroll on my own. Checking out cool spots: Paramount Coffee Project … Reuben Hills … Stables. Read The Strays on park benches framed by beautiful fall foliage.

Barre Body. The Sydney CBD studio is simply spectacular. Grand and elegant with floor-to-ceiling arched windows and art deco features. Great class too – very balletic. And great ambiance – smiling, graceful, cheerful girls. I walk there on my own; S picks me up in an uber after class. What a dream my reality is.

Opera House. Meet here after work on Tuesday, exactly 10 months after we first met… Strange seeing something in real life you’ve been exposed to in media and then still being so impressed… I understand what all the fuzz is about… the building is not only stunning, genius, for its time and always, beautiful from all possible angles; I’m also just so impressed with the general layout, design and ambience of the surroundings… the large al fresco bar and dining and hangout areas, with the views of the skyline, the Harbour Bridge and the ferry terminals… we drink a glass of NSW shiraz, and then, impulsively, S calls up the box office and books two tickets for the Australian ballet the following day. Yay.

Toko. Cool interior design (well, that’s a given here!), cool music, yummy Japanese-inspired food eaten at the kitchen counter – kingfish sashimi, skewered chargrilled chicken, purple sweet potatoes, spicy edamame, just a little bit of each, to share. After dinner, a friend of S’s joins for some sake. Afterwards, we all three walk over to their favourite ice-cream parlour across the road. I have raspberry sorbet.

Work Life Balance. I have dreams and aspirations and ambitions, AND I’m also just very happy, thrilled and content where I am. Content, not complacent. A balance between making and letting life happen. Being here is so wonderful that I want to allow myself to pause and enjoy. If I could have seen myself now as a child I’d be beyond happy for me. I’m working from home all other days than Tuesday, a cute small white and bright home, sitting crosslegged in a comfy sofa with Allpress coffee and my laptop, typing away on projects I’m passionate about, learning, being challenged, doors open to the balcony, the sound of the waves streaming in, looking across rocks and Bondi Beach. I’m here with the love of my life, who’s off to exciting work that he is passionate about. Sonoma bread with vegemite for lunch, skipping down to beach, sun on and off, sitting with my feet in the sand, popping into health stores, drinking cold-pressed green juices, buying new yoga pants in Nimble Active Wear, chatting on phone with best friend in California, Jack Johnson on the playlist everywhere… Skip home across beach and rocks with a fresh autumn pear from an organic whole foods store… Only on Wednesday do I have a late call, at 11pm, but that’s fine, and all in all, I mange the work and play balance quite well – the surroundings boost my energy and inspiration rather than work as distractions.

Ballet. Wednesday, we meet at the Sydney Opera House after work to experience a exquicite triple program of contemporary ballet… S got us tickets in the fourth row, from where we have a wonderful view of the extraordinary, visceral display of physique, body control, grace and humour… the music is spot on too. Inspired by the Olympic motto of ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger,’ the heart-pumping choreography explores the super-charged world of elite sports in the first piece, Faster. The athleticism is equally extraordinary in the next piece, Infra, which sets urban humanity against abstract projections and a haunting score. Finally, Squander and Glory, is a dynamic work about the human energy system… just intoxicating!

Darlinghurst. Victorian beauty, exloring on my own, spring air, feels like home, a home, those many rows of neat Victorian houses and gardens, happy homes, it seems, and the pretty white Infinity Bakery. On the phone with my mum, in Denmark, and then my dad, in Spain, I miss them and they are with me, especially when I’m in beautiful places, which I wish they could experience with me. Meeting S and friends for a lovely dinner and drinks at M’s G’s in Potts Point. Continuing over to East Village, a beautiful lush rooftop bar in Darlinghurst.

Good Friday. Waking up to that crazy beautiful view. Walk together all the way to Coogee. Allpress, acai bowl, eating and smiling and hugging on the beach. Gorgeous weather all day. Uber to Circular Quay, ferry to Taronga Zoo, across harbor, wonderful trip, such an amazingly located zoo, view of water and skyline from the giraffe hangout. Meet koalas, wombats, kangaroos and wallabies for the first time. Ferry back, wandering around The Rocks, elegant old neighbourhood, touisty in a non-tacky way. Ferry to Manly, full on summer holiday tacky, but oh so full of ambiance, happiness, beach, water, sunset walk along cliffs, sitting on the edge of a pool, next to three girlsfriends in bikinis with glasses of wine, I read aloud to S from The Strays, we stroll back and catch the last ferry, to Watsons Bay, beautiful beach club with stripy umbrellas, share a bottle of wine, as the sun sets, eat fresh fish… laugh, laugh, laugh.

Sydney Saturday. Morning run. Going for a reformer pilates class together at Body Mind Life. Alignment. Stroll through town. Love the vibe, the creative architecture, the local quality boutiques – designer clothes, health food, art. Sit in a sunray and drink coffee. Best brekkie place ever, Porch and Parlour, the pretty façade, décor, service, art, music, cold brew coffee, green brekkie bowl, view of water. Ah! Skip down to beach, jump in… jump over waves, they jump over us. Bondi Beach Market – chai, acai, fresh pears, lying on a blanket and listening to happy tunes from a singer songwriter with his guitar, S’s head resting on my stomach, he’s meditating, I’m reading. Checking out the Aquabumps gallery, which again is one of the most amazing spaces I’ve ever seen. Love everything from the shots of Bondi Beach to the decor – and the little lush garden in the back. Lovely girls working there too. I look at all of the prints, and want them all, but only buy two. Walk around the corner, see the most beautiful swimsuit in the window of Bondi Bathers, try it on, and it fits perfectly, and when the shop owner tells me that the print is a photograph of a wave woven into the fabric with an abstract white pattern added, and that they call it Iceberg, I of course buy it. With my purchase, I get an erotic novel written by one of the staff members. I put the swimsuit on right away and run down to Iceberg, where S is waiting. We swim laps together. Stay there for a while afterwards, reading, meditating. Buy spicy tuna sandwiches and Allpress coffee from Calipress, enjoy our lunch in the grass. Home and shower. Uber into Rushcutters Bay, walking through the park in the golden hour, S shows me his favourite tree, and I find a giant beautiful fig tree, a huge branch of which is being supported by a steel brace. Something about that image touches me deeply. Moving on to the yacht club, enjoy a glass of wine in the sunset, with the view of the marina, the trees, the skyline. Walk up through Darlinghurst, I show him my two favourite streets, Barcom and Liverpool, and we have tacos at vibey Playa Takeria, sitting in the window, watching the world go by. Walk down to Surry Hills, buy souvenirs in his favourite gourmet supermarket. Home. Watch the Netflix show Love in bed. Fall asleep at 9:30 or so, haha.

Sydney Sunday. Watch sunrise together at 6am on balcony. Last morning run along coast for now. Pass cute little happy dogs tied to railings, gazing towards sun and owners surfing and swimming. Back, walk together down along coastal walk to town, acai bowls and Allpress from Calipress to be enjoyed on the beach. Iceberg, swimming, laughing, loving it, stay on the rocks above the pool for a while, reading, meditating again. Walk across the wide white beach to North Bondi. S shows me his secret spot on the rocks at the tip of the hill, a magical place, this view, the water brushing up over the flat rocks below like milk, or think cream even. Stay here and read for a bit, then walk back. Check out the Market again – I buy a thin rosegold wave-shaped ring. Walk through town. Picking up sandwiches from Sonoma before taking a car to the airport, marking the end of one of the best weeks of my life.

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